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Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment

“Responsibility” is always embedded in our values. Zener puts respect into everyday practice, respect for our employees, environment, society and ethics.

Business Activities

In compliance with not only laws and regulations, but also credibility and integrity, we take the word ‘compliance’ serious in all of our operation procedures and everyday work of all executives and employees. We promote fair and free competition in accordance with the principles of faith and trust, creating a better competitive environment of business.


Always being strict to ourselves, we are pursuing environmentally conscious designs, production, sales, recycling and all the other procedures of our operations, in order to reduce the impact on the environment to the least, contributing to a society in harmony with nature.

Labor and Human Rights

We are making efforts to make our workplaces more attractive in order to hire, develop, encourage and retain talent. These efforts include providing fair and impartial personnel evaluations and comprehensive employee benefits.

We encourage all our employees to pursue their personal dreams, providing them with various training programs and an international growth platform. We help them do their best in most suitable roles and positions, to achieve a growth together with Zener.