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Absorbable surgical suture (PGA fast absorbing suture)
Absorbable surgical suture (PGA fast absorbing suture)
Product Parameter

Absorbable surgical suture

Imported materials: Absorbable surgical suture is importedand processed from the world's largest chemical synthetic suture raw materialsupplier. The raw material quality is the world's top. It can guarantee thetension strength, the softness and the stability of product quality.

Softness of suture: The molecular weight determines thesoftness of the suture. We  independently uses polyethylene glycol acid asthe compound product of glycolic acid, and its molecular link strength is 30-50times of that of glycolic acid. We can make absorbable surgical suture withenough strength under the condition of low molecular weight. That is to achieveenough tension strength of the line body and excellent softness of the linebody.

Absorption stability: Absorbable surgical suture ishydrolytic absorption mechanism. The molecular weight and activity determinethe absorption speed, absorption stability and absorption completeness of thesuture in clinical application.We uses polyethylene glycol acid as the basematerial. Because of its high molecular link strength, less molecular weight ofsuture, and relatively active reaction with water, the absorption is morestable.

No more Missing of Stiches : Absorbable surgical suture is acommonly used surgical consumables. In clinical application, its advantages arestrong tensile strength and low reaction of human tissues. The current defectslie in unstable absorption, long absorption time and incomplete absorption,resulting in "stiches missing" phenomenon. Our company's sutureabsorption is stable and complete, and "stiches missing" is no moreshowed.

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